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DHL Supply Chain South Africa, drives towards annual saving of 7,722 litres with TRAILAR

December 2019, 11 rigid trucks from the DHL Supply Chain (DSC) Pick & Pay operation in South Africa were fitted with TRAILAR solar solutions. DSC recognised the benefits that solar could offer their transport operations and continued forward with innovating their fleet with TRAILAR.

TRAILAR systems have produced a total saving of over 200 litres across the 11 vehicles, in the first couple of weeks. Not only does the system produce the fuel saving data, but from the telematic data TRAILAR were also able to quickly identify that some vehicles were being operated at night, thus reducing the opportunity to obtain the full benefits of the solar system. Based on this feedback, the operation was able to ensure TRAILAR fitted rigids were utilised during day-time routes, in order to maximise their benefits.

DHL Transport Manager, Quintin Meintjies, led the successful implementation of the 11 solutions in Durban and Johannesburg.

Quintin Meintjies adds “The TRAILAR implementation in South Africa has produced good results on fuel savings, we all know that fuel makes up approx. 35%-40% on any Carriers vehicle operating costs, therefore with the introduction of the TRAILAR units we are chipping away on any fuel wastages and making the World a Better Place. We can proudly state we are an official partner in reducing the global transport carbon footprint, with the support of TRAILAR”.

Utilising TRAILAR’s state-of-art ROI model, this operation will supply an annual fuel saving of 702 litres of diesel per rigid vehicle, and a CO2saving of 1.9 tonnes per vehicle. In order to offset this amount of CO2, DHL would need to plant 46 trees and allow them to grow over 10 years.

TRAILAR continues to support the DPDHL Group in achieving Mission 2050, their environmental agenda of reaching zero emissions by 2050. Contact us today using our contact form, to find out how much you can save with our solar solutions.


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