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It’s a ‘Specialbuy’ for Aldi as they team up with TRAILAR to optimise their fleet!

ALDI UK, one of Britain’s fastest-growing supermarkets, is committed to being a responsible retailer and is continuously looking to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

The retailer has been carbon neutral since 2019, thanks to a number of initiatives including purchasing 100% renewable electricity and using greener refrigerant gases in all new stores since 2018.

Optimising its fuel consumption is a key way for Aldi to further reduce its climate impact. In addition to using lighter vehicles with improved aerodynamics and more fuel-efficient tyres, along with utilising double-deck trailers to reduce the amount of journeys they need to make and training drivers to drive more efficiently, they’ve now teamed up with TRAILAR [].

TRAILAR are the leader in solar transport technology, with the mission to make commercial vehicles ‘greener’ by reducing their environmental impact. Cutting-edge, ultra-thin solar mats are fitted onto the roof space of existing or new vehicles and connect the panels to the vehicle battery. Solar power is generated and then used to power various on-board activities.

With a large national fleet of vehicles delivering goods to stores all over the country, ensuring they perform 24/7 is key to the success of the business. TRAILAR solar mats – which have been retrofitted to Aldi’s existing trailer fleet and come as standard on all new trailers - actively enable Aldi to reduce fuel and emissions for each fitted vehicle and will also improve the fleet’s resilience.

The TRAILAR insights platform captures and reports important vehicle telematic data to allow Aldi to see how much fuel and CO2 each vehicle is saving daily, as well as a large set of other reports on battery health, utilisation, ancillary usage and much more.

Since the introduction of TRAILAR technology on a mixture of double and single-deck trailers, Aldi’s solar-supported trailer fleet has already saved over 3,500 litres of fuel and 10,000 tonnes of CO2.

Luke Peech, Managing Director of Supply Chain Management at Aldi UK, said: “We are continually working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport, and integrating TRAILAR’s award-winning technology into our fleet has allowed us to deliver a more sustainable service.

“We have been very impressed with the results so far, and look forward to further benefits as we expand the technology across our delivery vehicles.”


TRAILAR is the global leader in solar solutions for transport, with thousands of systems fitted to customers in over 20 countries. Their mission is to drive the transport industry to a greener, more efficient future, through the use of solar and data driven technologies. Logistic solutions range from logistics with trucks, trailers, and delivery vans. All systems include IoT telematics as standard, allowing end users to see an array of vehicle performance data via the web-based TRAILAR Insights platform.

About Aldi

Aldi is one of Britain’s fastest-growing supermarkets with more than 990 stores and around 40,000 colleagues.

The supermarket believes in making every day amazing and delivering the best possible value for millions of families throughout the UK and Ireland.

That’s why Aldi is the UK’s Cheapest Supermarket, according to consumer champion Which? (February 2023) as well as being named the UK’s Cheapest Supermarket for 2021 and 2022.

Aldi consistently racks up award after award for quality, treats its suppliers and employees with fairness and respect and recognises the responsibility of supporting valued institutions such as Team GB and Paralympics GB to demonstrate the importance of health and wellness.

Aldi makes the everyday amazing. But amazing doesn’t happen overnight, which is why Aldi is making changes to be better every single day – to be fairer, greener and healthier for customers, society and the environment.

What’s the reason they do this? Because Aldi believes that everyone should have access to fresh, healthy, affordable food. It’s a right, not a privilege.


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