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Green Hills


The UK government's Green Homes Grant scheme offers households a £5000 grant towards the installation of solar panels for their homes.

ECO4 Scheme

ECO4 (Energy Company Obligation) replaced ECO3 from 1st April 2022 and will run until March 2026. The government has allocated 4 billion pounds– it spreads 1 billion across 4 years– to improve the energy ratings of UK homes and reduce carbon emissions. ECO4 is distinct from ECO3 in that more people will have the chance to qualify because of LA Flex or flexible eligibility.

The scheme came into effect on 27 July 2022, but ECO4 can be applied to eligible measures installed from 1 April 2022 to March 2026.

Check out government sustainability grants here.


Commercial solar panels for your business

Running a business usually comes with expensive energy bills, especially those that have a high electricity demand. By investing in renewable energy and energy-saving measures, business owners can save money on their energy bills and protect their businesses from future rises in energy costs.

Installing solar panels, and using the roof space on your commercial building, is an excellent way to save on electricity costs and reduce your carbon footprint. This free electricity can be used to power lighting, computers, machinery, and even electric vehicle chargers for your staff or customers. If your business operates primarily at night, or after dark, it is possible to store the electricity generated throughout the day using solar battery storage.

Solar panels will benefit both large and small businesses and are ideal for offices, agricultural buildings, factories, warehouses, schools, hospitals, and retail buildings. With rising energy costs, and whatever your industry, using your roof space to generate electricity is the perfect solution.

Pay 0% VAT on Solar Panels

For the next five years, there’s no VAT to pay when you have energy efficient measures installed in your home. This means that you can benefit from insulation, solar panels and heat pumps at a reduced cost with no VAT to pay.

The move is designed to encourage the installation of green technologies to help  homeowners save hundreds of pounds on installation costs. 0% VAT on energy efficiency measures will be in place until 31 March 2027, and there are three energy-saving technologies included in the scheme.

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