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Brink’s Sustainability Program Moves Forward With TRAILAR

As global leaders in cash management, Brink's fleet implementation of TRAILAR plays a part of their corporate strategy to implement best in class technology.

In Ireland, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan and the UAE, Brink's put into operation 36 vehicles equipped with TRAILAR solar panels – with another 75 in queue across their global footprint. The solar panels are projected to save 580 liters of fuel and reduce 1.5 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions, per vehicle, per year. According to the panel’s manufacturer, that’s equivalent to growing 139 trees for 10 years.

"In a company with 16,300 vehicles, we’re excited about the potential reduction in environmental impact and anticipated savings. We created a team to pilot and oversee this program, and they will provide guidance on when and how to potentially expand it across the company."

The solar panels, provide energy for helping to run vehicle systems including radios, heating and AC, navigation, cameras, locks, alarms, and lifts. This reduces the vehicle’s overall reliance on and consumption of fuel and decreases its carbon footprint.

The panels come with a TRAILAR's Smart Charge Controller system, which also provides data such as vehicle battery levels, real-time fuel savings and carbon emissions. Combined with their current vehicle data collection efforts, these new telematics will provide a more robust picture of our vehicle’s operations.

"We know our fleet creates our company’s largest environmental impact, which is why solar panels are just the newest way we are addressing this important issue. We’ve also been reducing our environmental impact by modernizing our fleet; taking thousands of diesel trucks off the roads, implementing dual fuel and alternative fuel vehicles, and continually optimizing routes to minimize distance driven."

This is a great example of a large fleet operator integrating TRAILAR as part of their sustainability strategy, alongside the shift to alternative fueled vehicles.

"For us, sustainability is not just another corporate program. It’s a part of who we are at Brink’s: stewards of the resources that are entrusted to our care – not only cash, precious metals, diamonds and jewelry – but stewards of our communities and our planet."

Phil Wright - Director Operations and Security

“As the global leaders in cash management, Brink’s looks to lead by example throughout all our business operations. We’ve recently been collaborating with Trailar, to bring solar innovation to our fleet here in the UK and more widely across the globe.

This technology will actively reduce fitted vehicles fuel and emissions, as the solar energy is utilised to power all onboard electrical equipment. Not only is it tackling vehicle emissions, but the solar panels will constantly be managing the vehicles batteries, ensuring that they’re charged to the optimal level, even when not in use. This will ensure our operational readiness and enhance our service levels.

Embedding sustainability and leveraging best-in-class technology within our logistics business is integral to the Brink’s strategy, and Trailar’s technology helps us achieve both.”


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