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Royal Mail choose TRAILAR as standard specification to optimise their fleet!

In one of our biggest announcements to date, we are delighted to reveal that the UK's largest fleet operator, Royal Mail, will now implement TRAILAR solar technology as standard on their double deck trailers!

This is incredible news, and is further evidence that our trailer product not only delivers core fuel & CO2 savings, but also significant operational benefits.

TRAILAR is now standard specification for DHL Supply Chain globally, Ryder UK and now of course Royal Mail, as our solutions become further recognised as a key part of any successful transport organisation.

Grahame Bennett, Head of Fleet Engineering Solutions at Royal Mail, said:

"With trailers being susceptible to battery degradation, the TRAILAR systems have been able to actively combat against these assets being inoperable after a period of none use. Following this, trailers that previously relied on power from the tractor unit to raise the deck have now been charged efficiently, allowing for immediate operation without connecting to an alternative power source.

Vehicle telematics and data are a leading factor into any successful transport business, TRAILAR have provided us with detailed insights into our trailers unlike ever before. Using this information, we have a better knowledge of our trailers and their operation, as well as being able to proactively maintain them.

This new opportunity of proactive maintenance enables us to drive service up, whilst driving other maintenance costs down due to the improvement in trailer's battery life."

As stated above, the real-time fleet data that our customers have access to is unlike any other fuel-saving product, and we are so proud to be able to deliver such an innovative service.

Fleet Director for Royal Mail, Paul Gatti, said:

“As the UK’s largest fleet operator, it is imperative that we continuously look to new technologies to ensure our fleet is also first in its class. After initial implementations within our double deck trailer fleet using the TRAILAR technology, we have been impressed with the results.

TRAILAR systems allow for the trailers to become self-sufficient, which historically are reliant on the tractor unit to maintain its battery life and therefore operation. Removing this dependency means that our double deck trailers are operationally ready when required for loading. Less time in the yard means more time on the road, optimising our service further for the end customer.

With network volumes naturally increasing, VOR assets from increased usage starts to play a major role is disrupting service levels. The solar systems work to dramatically improve our trailers welfare, and with the TRAILAR telematic information available, we can even proactively maintain the fleet to ensure trailers are only off the road when we plan them to be.

As we continue to work closely with TRAILAR, I’m looking forward to seeing what else this innovative technology can bring to the Royal Mail fleet.”

We also look forward to continuing our partnership with Royal Mail, to optimise their fleet operations for the United Kingdom.

TRAILAR technology is rapidly becoming an integral part of successful transport operations worldwide, with Royal Mail the latest customer to optimise their fleet.

In these testing times, finding ways to innovate and develop is more important than ever.

Choose TRAILAR, and Join the Evolution of Transport.


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