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Guernsey Post harness the power of the sun to reduce fleet emissions

  • 5 of Guernsey Posts new vehicles will be fitted with solar technology from TRAILAR

  • Innovative, Green solution supports company’s sustainability agenda

Guernsey post have a strong sustainability strategy to reduce the impact of its operations on the environment. Through a joint initiative with Guernsey Electricity in 2019, they completed the installation of one of the largest solar photovoltaic (PV) system in the Channel Islands on the roof of their postal headquarters. The panels installed will produce more than 200,000 kWh each year, which is equivalent to the electricity required to power their entire fleet of electric vans, with some energy to spare.

With the innovative solutions from TRAILAR, a solar transport solutions company based in the UK, Guernsey Post have now implemented solar on 5 of its larger vehicles to continue this pursuit of utilising solar within its operations.

The larger vehicles consist of three 8.5 tonne Mitsubishi Fuso canter trucks a 7.5 tonne Iveco Eurocargo and a 3.5 tonne Mercedes Sprinter. On average each vehicle will travel over 700 miles per month, being used throughout the day to move large volumes of mail to and from the airport, as well as some large volumes from customers to Guernsey Post’s HQ.

The cutting-edge, ultra-thin solar panels are fitted onto the roof space of existing or new vehicles and connect the panels to the vehicle battery. Solar power is generated and then used to power various on-board activities, and even a vehicle's tail lift. As a result, the vehicles fitted with the solar panels can save approximately 1,000kg of CO2 emissions per vehicle each year.

Robert Le Page – Guernsey Post – Fleet Manager

“We are really proud of our electric delivery fleet, and we wanted to expand this to our larger vehicles too. Unfortunately, A medium duty electric truck that fits our needs is some way off mass production so as an interim measure we looked at what we could do to reduce emissions now on the daily journeys we make to and from the airport and harbour. TRAILAR’s technology provides us with a solution and supports our aim to reduce emissions and deliver an industry leading sustainable transport operation.“

Paul Horton – TRAILAR – Business Development Manager

“It’s been great to work with a business that is as focused on driving sustainability within all areas of its operation as Guernsey Post are. We look forward to seeing the live data reporting back on the vehicles performance, as they now become operational within the fleet.“


TRAILAR is the global leader in solar solutions for transport, with thousands of systems fitted to customers in over 20 countries. Their mission is to drive the transport industry to a greener, more efficient future, through the use of solar and data driven technologies. Logistic solutions range from logistics with trucks, trailers, and delivery vans. All systems include IoT telematics as standard, allowing end users to see an array of vehicle performance data via the web-based TRAILAR Insights platform.

About Guernsey Post

Guernsey Post is the Bailiwick’s largest mail carrier and is an integral part of island life, providing a vital postal service to businesses and individuals. It is wholly owned by the States of Guernsey, which is the parliament of the British crown dependency of Guernsey.

Guernsey Post scooped top environmental honours at the UK Motor Transports Awards winning the Low Carbon Award in 2019 for its all-electric home delivery fleet of 100 vehicles, the use of technology to reduce mileage and the installation of a large solar array in the Channel Islands on the roof of Postal Headquarters.


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